About Fair Trade

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What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade helps men and women earn a living wage while working in their community rather than migrating to distant factories and living in urban slums. It is intended to reduce unemployment and poverty, while supporting healthy communities and families.
At Far Fetched we practice, support and encourage the following Fair Trade Principles:

  • Providing fair wages in the local context
  • Supporting safe, healthy and participatory workplaces
  • Supplying financial and technical support to build capacity
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Respecting cultural identity
  • Public accountability and transparency
  • Building direct and long-term relationships
  • Educating consumers

Far Fetched has been working in a cottage industry setting in the same community in Mexico for over 30 years. Our jewelry is produced in the artisans' home workshops with two to three people per workshop. Far Fetched has essentially been applying fair trade practices since we started in 1982. This has been a very rewarding part of our business, which symbolized our roots, raises our internal company awareness and spreads an important message about Fair Trade; a movement with values that we believe in.

If you would like more information about Fair Trade or how you can participate or promote Fair Trade in your store, please visit: World Fair Trade Organization www.wfto.com